William McGoldrick
William McGoldrick
Gender: Male
Actor: Zachary Levi
Hair color: Blond (Dyed)
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: The Thin White Duke
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Psych: The Movie
Last appearance: Psych: The Movie

William McGoldrick (monikered The Thin White Duke by Shawn and Gus in reference to the David Bowie stage persona) is a character that appeared in Psych: The Movie. He is portrayed by Zachary Levi.

William was Juliet O'Hara's criminal informant back in the day, providing the goods that helped put away numerous much more hardcore criminals than himself. However, Juliet still eventually sent him to prison, sparking the revenge plot which the movie hinges on.

Billy was apparently as obsessed with David Bowie as he was with Juliet, attempting in every detail to imitate 'the Thin White Duke', although the consensus of ally and foe alike is that the accent is off-target.