Warren Clayton
Gender: Male
Age: 60s
Actor: Billy Mitchell
Family: Alice Clayton (wife)
Garvin Clayton (son)
Nyna Thomas (daughter)
Charles Thomas (son-in-law)
Significant other(s): Rosa (maid)
Hair color: White
Eye color: Unknown
Status: Deceased
First appearance: He Dead
Last appearance: He Dead
Warren Clayton is the focus of "He Dead", being the 'he' of the title. He is played by Billy Mitchell.


He DeadEdit

In "He Dead", Warren is, however, still alive - barely - when Shawn and Gus first encounter him in his downed plane. Sadly, the injuries he suffered on impact soon put a period to his life, but not before he can speak his last words to his finders. Shawn's own difficult history with Henry is a major factor in his decision to ensure that the billionaire's dying wish is conveyed, interpreted and carried out.

Warren is at odds with his son Garvin and estranged from his daughter Nyna, whilst his widow Alice has secrets of her own. All in all, there is no shortage of suspects for who tampered with the altimeter and caused the crash.