Dr. Tony Mallon
GenuTech Founder
Tony Mallon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Cullen Douglas
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Brown, balding
Eye color: Brown
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Death Is in the Air
Last appearance: Death Is in the Air

Dr. Anthony "Tony" Mallon was the founder of GenuTech, who stole and started spreading the Thornburg Virus, so his company would receive funding again to make more Thornburg Anti-Virus. He died of Thornburg. He is portrayed by Cullen Douglas.

Character BiographyEdit

Death Is in the AirEdit

In "Death Is in the Air", after a woman is killed of the Thornburg Virus that its carrier lost, Shawn, Gus, and the SBPD find a clue that leads them to a coffee shop. There, Shawn locks the store with a broom, and one of the people locked inside is Mallon. Inside the store the Thornburg Virus is loose, and Shawn didn't want it to get out. Mallon, along with everyone else from the cafe, is taken to quarantine by the CDC. Shawn and Gus interview those in quarantine with giant hazmat suits, and the second person they interview is Mallon, who Shawn makes fun of for his bad comb-over. 

After Shawn and Gus discover that the man who's spreading the Thornburg is the owner of the Thornburg anti-viral making company, and is the guy with the bad comb-over, they call Juliet, who tells them that Mallon just ran away. Mallon is going to let the second of three vials of Thornburg out at a bus station, but he runs when he sees Shawn, who grabs the vial before it can break. Mallon is extremely sick with Thornburg himself at this point, and they catch him at the hospital trying to find more anti-viral. They make a trade- the last vial of Thornburg for the cure, however there isn't enough of the cure, as Mallon exclaims it isn't enough to help anyone. Shawn says Mallon did it to save his company, so more Thornburg anti-viral would be needed, but Mallon exclaims that it was to prepare the country, and now when the outbreak of Thornburg comes everyone will be ready. Juliet cuts herself with the glass of the Thornburg vial accidentally, and when Shawn frantically asks where there's more antidote, Mallon utters, "Victoria" before dying.