The Friendly Indians
The Friendly Indians
Origin: Orange County, CA, USA
Genre(s): Pop/Rock
Years active: 1991-present
Associated acts: None
Members: Steve Franks
Tim Meltreger
Jason Barrett
Gizzy Jackson
Past members: Unknown

The Friendly Indians are an American band known for I Know You Know, the theme song of the popular USA Network show, Psych. The band consists of Steve Franks (lead singer), Jason Barrett (drums), Gizzy Jackson (bass) and Tim Meltreger (guitar).

The band was launched in the early 1990s by Meltreger and Franks, who were friends that worked together at Disneyland. Other than "I Know You Know" the band has released other songs such as "Genius", "It's a Gift" and "Grim Grinning Ghosts" all available on iTunes.