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"I feel like I've been incarcerated in a blueberry. This car makes me want to weep and then die."
Nigel St. Nigel

The Blueberry was Gus's Toyota Yaris (also known as Echo in North America) before it was destroyed and he quit his job.


Although Gus and Shawn often use it for their personal needs, it is a company car that belongs to Central Coast Pharmaceuticals. It has been present since the first episode, but officially received its nickname from Nigel St. Nigel in S2E1 "American Duos". In S2E4 "Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds", Shawn tricked out the Blueberry for a case to Gus's dismay. The vehicle's state is soon returned to normal. The Blueberry was incredibly wrecked during the episode "Last Night Gus". It was restored to its original state but then suffered another tragic accident in S7E1 "Santabarbaratown 2", in which it was literally split in half after Shawn attempted to knock out a building's balcony. In its small absence it was replaced by a rental car, which Gus dubbed "The Cranberry" given its maroon color. It has since been repaired and is now fully operational. However, in S8E5 "Cog Blocked" the Blueberry was again split in two when it was rammed by an assassin's car.