Ted Fincher
Sales Representative at the Santa Barbara CCP Branch
Ted Fincher
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Zahf Paroo
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Finch, Finchy, Teddy
Status: Alive
First appearance: Office Space
Last appearance: Office Space

(Theodore?) Ted(dy) "Finch(y)" Fincher is a sales representative at the Central Coast Pharmaceuticals branch in Santa Barbara and therefore a colleague of Gus's. He is dejected when their boss Dorian Creech is murdered, and even performs a special song on the acoustic guitar in honor of him at the in-office memorial service (lyrics below).

Finch is obsessed (and probably in love) with Gus. This can partly be deduced from the way he looks at Gus as he confronts Creech, but becomes especially clear when Gus is appointed as Creech's successor. Gus now has the position Finch thinks should rightfully be his, but he jealously admits that he himself would also have promoted someone like Gus by listing all the ways in which his body is perfect. His sense of entitlement regarding Gus's promotion briefly makes him a suspect in Creech's murder case, however.

When the murder case is solved and Shawn and Gus are in the limelight, Finch makes use of the opportunity by complimenting Gus on his shirt. He later calls Gus to ask him out to dinner, but is turned down.

Lyrics to Finch's SongEdit

sitting in my cubicle
the clock ticks
and I think of you
I'd try to make plans
you'd postpone
now you're dead
projects without time
all left behind
you left without a sign
your RSVPs are now RIPs
all out of time
I just cut you an extra set of my keys
now there's no time
You promised we'd sample some vineyard wine
[now there's no time]
never told you but you look just like Chris Klein
you were sublime

Trivia and ReferencesEdit

  • He's a smoker, a fact which Shawn teasingly uses to forbid Gus from ever dating him.
  • He tends to talk to himself.
  • Finch's song is an altered rendition of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time".
  • The (nick)name of this character could be a reference to the role David Koechner (who plays Leslie Sally in the Office Space episode) plays in the US version of The Office. His Todd Packer character is modelled after the Chris Finch of the UK original.