Stewart Gimbley
Occult shop owner
Stewart coming to the office
Gender: Male
Age: Not specified
Actor: Joshua Malina
Family: Willow Gimbley (sister)
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Let's Get Hairy
Last appearance: Let's Get Hairy

Stewart Gimbley is a man who believes himself to be something far more disturbing - a lycanthrope, or werewolf. He is portrayed by Joshua Malina.


Let's Get HairyEdit

In "Let's Get Hairy", Stewart comes to the Psych office looking for Shawn and Gus to stand guard over him overnight and see if he transforms. He may have turned into a lupine, but he definitely turns out to be the owner of "Occultopuss", a magic store where his sister Willow does readings. She doesn't know where he is, and when he awakens naked somewhere in the woods, neither does he. There are, however, two dead bodies next to him, which is not a good start.

Stewart turns up at the office once more, again looking for the guys' help, and tells them more about his group and particularly Polexia, a 'mistress of the dark'. They return him, in chains, to his sister, and head out to Dr. Tucker's office to gather some hard evidence. Checking the records, Psych find evidence that the doctor has in fact been prepping Stewart as the patsy for when he has to dispose of Polexia, with whom he's been having an affair. Detectives and psychic detectives rush out into the woods, just in time to keep the sick doctor from carrying out his plan. Stewart and his sister look forward to a new life, and presumably a new therapist.