Dr. Steven Reidman
Thornburg Expert for the CDC
Steven Reidman
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Judd Nelson
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Death Is in the Air
Last appearance: Death Is in the Air

Dr. Steven Reidman is an expert on the Thornburg Virus who helped Shawn, Gus and the SBPD catch the man spreading Thornburg in Santa Barbara, as well as curing those poisoned. He was fascinated by Shawn's "psychic abilities", even going as far as to take some DNA to examine from Shawn. He is portrayed by Judd Nelson.

Character BiographyEdit

In Death Is in the Air, after the Thornburg Virus is let out in a coffee shop, the SBPD along with Shawn and Gus visit Dr. Reidman to see if he thinks it'll spread, but he says only two are showing early signs of Thornburg, so the crisis is most likely averted. Reidman then begins administering the antidote to the patients.

Later, the man who stole the Thornburg and let it out in the coffee shop escapes, and they find out that they didn't send one vial of Thornburg, they sent three. Reidman states that he's very interested in Shawn's "psychic abilities", and Shawn promises he'll give him a sample of his DNA after the case is over. The man infecting everyone, Dr. Mallon, dies of Thornburg, but they find his stash of anti-viral, which they will use to cure Juliet. Shawn has an epiphany that he needs to tell Juliet how he feels now, before it's too late, but when Dr. Reidman lets Gus know that she doesn't actually have Thornburg, Gus interrupts Shawn, and Shawn chokes and leaves.

After the case is over, Reidman comes to the Psych office and takes a sample of Shawn's DNA for examination, and measure's Gus's head.