Steve Franks is the creator and one of the executive producers of the USA Network hit show Psych.

Steve Franks also came up with and wrote the story for the 1999 comedy Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler.

Along with creating and producing the show Psych, Franks has also written many episodes. Franks wrote the theme song, "I Know, You Know," and performed it with his band, The Friendly Indians, for the show. Franks is distinctive for his height, as he stands 6' 7".

He directed but did not write the series finale, entitled "The Break-Up".

His only appearances in Psych were as an uncredited extra in Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead, where he walks past Shawn while he and Gus are arguing over the phone, and as an uncredited Zombie extra in the penultimate episode "A Nightmare on State Street".

Episodes of Psych Franks has writtenEdit

Franks co-wrote (along with James Roday) and directed "Psych: The Movie", and also co-wrote (along with Andy Berman and James Roday) and directed Psych 2: Lassie Come Home.

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