Scott Seaver
Scott Seaver
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Josh Braaten
Significant other(s): Juliet O'Hara (formerly)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: A Very Juliet Episode
Last appearance: A Very Juliet Episode

Scott Seaver was an old boyfriend of Juliet's who (without her knowledge) went into witness protection after witnessing a murder. He is portrayed by Josh Braaten.

Character BiographyEdit

In "A Very Juliet Episode", it shows Juliet in 2003 leaving for Florida from California. She's saying goodbye to her boyfriend, Scott Seaver, who asks her to stay with him, but she says she has to go, and long distance relationships never work. Juliet at first says they should meet up together in exactly 10 years at their exact location, but decide that's to long, and instead wait seven.

After Scott doesn't show, Juliet does some digging before hiring Gus to find him. Shawn ends up finding him, but reveals he's dead, but thinks he's murdered. They later discover he wasn't murdered, but in fact in witness protection because he witnessed the murder of a federal agent, and he testified against mobster JT Waring. However, Shawn and Gus brought Scott out of his witness protection, so the agent assigned to keep Scott off the map, Agent Wayne, tries to get him to go back into witness protection, however Scott says he wants to stay in Santa Barbara with Juliet. 

Later, Scott and Juliet try to have a quiet date night in, but interruptions from police protection ruins the mood. Shawn and Gus go to see Waring, and Waring says if Shawn and Gus can prove him innocent, he'll leave Scott alone. The pair take Scott with them to the warehouse where the murder was committed, but when they find the bullet in a tree someone with a gun chases them off. When they come back to get the bullet, they find somebody has come and taken it.

Chief Vick tells Shawn that Scott is going back to witness protection, but after he's taken by Agent Wayne, Shawn realizes Wayne was the killer, as there's sap on his hands. Shawn chases after him, and when Shawn and Scott go to fight Wayne, Scott gets knocked out. It turned out it was an accident, and Wayne was trying to hit Waring, but accidentally hit his partner. After Shawn and Wayne brawl, and Wayne grabs his gun, but right as he's about to shoot Shawn, Scott knocks him out. 

Scott then leaves on a train, but before he leaves, he and Juliet agree to meet in that exact location in exactly one year (a second meeting which is not seen onscreen, if it occurs).