"Lyin" Ryan Bainsworth is a compulsive embellisher of the truth who apparently often calls into the SBPD Station with false tips (although he's only seen or mentioned once). However, when he's arrested for murdering his super, Shawn believes that for once Ryan's telling the truth, and he isn't the real murderer. He is portrayed by Jonathan Silverman.

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Truer LiesEdit

In "Truer Lies", compulsive liar "Lyin" Ryan is taken into custody after being seen with his super dead on his floor, with the victim's blood all over his hands. Ryan claims innocence, but the police officers believe it's just him lying again, although Shawn believes he's telling the truth. Ryan's alibi is absolutely ridiculous, and he claims the two real culprits are paid assassins. Shawn tells Gus that all of the lies are based on a kernel of truth, so they just have to find the kernel. Shawn and Gus follow a lead about "double fried french fries", which lead them to a restaurant where the waitress says the night Ryan was in there, two weird guys were there as well.

After getting further proof that Ryan is innocent, Shawn and Gus bail him out of jail. Ryan says he heard a time 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM, the number 420-something, and the name Tom. Shawn tells Ryan to go on his way so he and Gus can work. Shawn later brings Henry, but Ryan tells him that he killed him so that he'd leave, as he doesn't trust him. Gus realizes that they were talking about a hospital, and recent amnesiac Tom Lieber, as they rush to his room. 

Shawn and Gus see that Lieber ran away from the room, and the cops think he is the murderer, but he just witnessed it, and now the real killers are after him. Lieber and Ryan hide in the back of Shawn and Gus's car, and say they're being chased, so Shawn and Gus drive away, but Gus crashes after they're shot at, so they run away. Shawn and Ryan buy themselves some time by convincing the shooters that they're surrounded until the cops actually come. Ryan then promises he'll be honest from now on, before saying he's off to captain a hot air balloon in a multi-state regatta.


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