Ruben Leonard
Lab Meteorologist (S1)
Reporter (S8)
Ruben Leonard
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Michael Eklund (S1)
Alan Ruck (S8)
Hair color: Brown (S1)
Grey (S8)
Eye color: Blue (S1)
Blue (S8)
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder
Last appearance: Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement

Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of ImprovementEdit

Ruben Leonard is the roving human interest reporter at KRXJ and portrayed by Alan Ruck. He loves his job but would rather have been a meteorologist, the occupation he is most qualified for. He claims not to be jealous of the much less qualified Jackson Hale becoming the weatherman and even says he admires Jackson for his work. However, when Jackson is killed and Ruben is questioned in the witness stand, it becomes clear he has been hiding a lot of deep-seated frustration with the whole situation and he subsequently incriminates himself by stating that Jackson Hale was worthless and should have been murdered a long time ago. When Shawn and Gus then find the alleged murder weapon in the ceiling of his office and the SBPD are about to arrest him, he dies under mysterious circumstances while on the air as the station's new weatherman. It is later revealed that Ruben was poisoned by Mortimer Camp because he got too close to revealing that Morty was the real culprit.

Cloudy... With a Chance of MurderEdit

In the original, Ruben (portrayed by Michael Eklund) works at KMZR and survives the episode. He had been working alongside Hale as a lab meteorologist for six years instead of as a roving human interest reporter. He claims to admire Jackson Hale and even calls him a "broadcasting treasure". No murder weapon lays hidden in his office this time, but Shawn is quick to deduce from the mess around the trash can that Ruben has been destroying all of Hale's awards and could have had motive to kill Hale. He has the same courtroom outburst he has in the remake, but turns out not to be the culprit.


  • He got his degree in meteorology at the University of Virginia and wrote his thesis on Bernoulli's theorem of incompressible level flow.
  • He was junior tornado watch captain for seven years.
  • He suffers from scoliosis (or at least in the remake he does).