Robert Barker
Diner Owner
Robert Barker
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Dana Ashbrook
Family: Michelle Barker (wife)
Paula Merral (daughter)
Significant other(s): Michelle's sister (formerly)
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Blue
Aliases: Bob
Status: Alive
First appearance: Dual Spires
Last appearance: Dual Spires
Robert "Bob" Barker is the owner of the Sawmill Diner in the small town of Dual Spires. He lived with his wife Michelle and niece Paula Merral until Merral was found drowned in a lake. It turned out that Paula wasn't his niece, but in fact his daughter, who he'd taken from her abusive mother at a young age. 

Character BiographyEdit

Dual SpiresEdit

In Dual Spires, Bob is working in his place, the Sawmill Diner, when Shawn and Gus go there to eat. They get some cinnamon pie, which is absolutely delicious. He introduces them to his wife Michelle, and the town's sheriff Andrew Jackson. Later, when everyone is at the town's cinnamon festival, Bob's niece's friend Jack Smith crashes his bike into the stage and frantically tells everyone that he found their niece, Paula, drowned in the lake. When they get there, they cry over their niece's body, which causes Gus to cry, as he's a sympathetic cryer. Shawn and Gus get a text telling them everything isn't as it seems, with a number, which causes them to believe she was murdered, and they take the case.

After some investigation, Shawn and Gus, with help from Juliet and Lassiter find out that Michelle's unstable sister took Paula away from Dual Spires after Bob and Michelle all but raised her, but the girl supposedly died at age 7, after Bob and Michelle helped fake her death. After further investigation, and murder of librarian Maudette, the library is set on fire with Shawn and Gus in it, before Father Westley saves the two, and Bob picks them up and takes them to a lodge to protect them. There Shawn realizes that Paula wasn't Bob's niece, but his daughter. He also realized it was Sheriff Jackson who murdered Paula, as she almost convinced his son Randy to leave Dual Spires, and he was the last of the direct descendants of the founding families left, so he and Doc Gooden killed Paula. Doc Gooden and Sheriff Jackson then bust in with guns and are going to kill Westley, Shawn, Gus and Bob, but Lassiter and Juliet save them at the last second.

After all this, Juliet, Shawn, Father Westley and Gus grab some pie, while Lassiter grabs some coffee, but as weird things such as odd dancing and a teen barking at a dog begin to happen, Shawn and Juliet decide to leave.


  • Given the lack of television watching which occurs in Dual Spires, the cultural implications of 'Bob Barker' would presumably be lost on Robert.
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