Psych 2: Lassie Come Home is the second Psych film and will air on NBCU streamer Peacock in March 2020. The movie focuses on Lassiter, who was ambushed on the job and left for dead.

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In a vintage Psych-style Hitchcockian nod, Lassie begins to see impossible happenings around his recovery clinic. Shawn and Gus return to the Chief's side in Santa Barbara and are forced to navigate the personal, the professional, and possibly the supernatural. Separated from their new lives in San Francisco, our heroes find themselves unwelcome in their old stomping grounds as they secretly untangle a twisted case without the benefit of the police, their loved ones, or the quality sourdough bakeries of the Bay Area. What they uncover will change the course of their relationships forever.

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  • There is a 1943 film called "Lassie Come Home" about a dog that goes missing, a remake of which will be released in 2020.


Timothy Omundson spilled the beans that Lassie gets a stroke in the movie, just like he did in real life. He made the reveal during a Larry King interview.

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