Psych is the private psychic detective agency Shawn began with Gus in the pilot episode. Their business does receive clients, but it's unknown whether or not there have been other clients than those mentioned in episodes.


Shawn started and named the agency without Gus's knowing, and called it Psych, saying the best way to make people believe you is to tell them that you're lying to them. He used Gus's credit card and forged his signature on the lease. Since the first season they have extended the office to have more rooms. The Psych office is like a second home to both Shawn and Gus with its own bathroom, kitchen, and entertainment system.

When Shawn decided to move to San Francisco in order to be with Juliet, the agency closed down. However, he later started a new agency in San Francisco: Psychphrancisco.

Police InvolvementEdit

Shawn and Gus do receive clients through their psychic detective agency but the bulk of the investigations come from involvement with the Santa Barbara Police Department. The Psych detective agency also tends to uncover past cases which wrongly incarcerated people or were closed due to lack of evidence.





  • In the very first episode it is a one-room building.
  • Shawn tore down a wall to expand the room without the owner's permission. It is never revealed whether he got in trouble.
  • Mr. Yin once vandilized the Psych window to read "Psycho". 
  • On one occasion, Shawn and Gus kept a stolen polar bear in the office, contained only by a piece of string on the floor.
  • There is a framed newspaper article about Shawn and Gus solving the Spellingg Bee case.
  • The color of the "Psych" logo changed from blue to green at around the time of S1E12 Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder.


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