Cloudy... With a Chance of MurderEdit

Priscilla Osterman is the receptionist at KMZR. She has a romantic interest in her colleague Jackson Hale, but has a hard time getting him to acknowledge her existence. Jackson's distant attitude towards her is made even more hurtful by the fact that he's a true casanova and isn't particularly picky with his women. When Hale is killed, she is therefore immediately earmarked as the likely culprit. Questioning her in court yields nothing of value, though, and she is no longer considered a suspect. Upon repeatedly rewatching the tape that is meant to incriminate Sandra Panitch, however, Shawn manages to make out Priscilla's shadow (mostly due to the shape of her glasses) on top of the green-screened cloud footage that otherwise made her invisible. Shawn tells defense lawyer Adam Hornstock to recall Priscilla to the stand and subsequently confronts the courtroom with his shocking discovery. Priscilla breaks and is convicted for the murder of Jackson Hale.

Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of ImprovementEdit

In the remake episode, Priscilla Osterman doesn't appear as a character. The receptionist in that episode is instead called Priscilla Morgenstern, who turns out to be merely a suspect in the Sandra Panitch trial.

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