Nigel St. Nigel
Judge on American Duos
Nigel St Nigel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Tim Curry
Significant other(s): Emelina (formerly)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Status: Alive
First appearance: American Duos
Last appearance: American Duos
Nigel St. Nigel is a celebrity and judge on the television show American Duos. He hired Shawn and Gus after there were multiple attempts on his life. Shawn saves his life on numerous occasions, before discovering the ones trying to murder Nigel were repeat contestant Bevin Rennie Llywellen and Nigel's co-judge Zapato, who was overshadowed by him. Nigel taunts Zapato as he's being arrested, calling him the "worst murderer ever". He is portrayed by Tim Curry.

Character BiographyEdit

In American Duos, Shawn and Gus are hired by Nigel St. Nigel to protect him and figure out who's trying to kill him. Shawn saves Nigel's life in ways such as stopping him before he stepped in an electrified puddle outside his dressing room and stopping him from eating a poisoned sandwich, all the while Shawn and Gus undercover and Nigel keeping them in the competition. It is discovered that the sandwich was poisoned by one of Nigel's co-judges, Emelina's, prescription drugs. She is arrested, however there are still attempts on Nigel's life. 

Nigel stays at Henry's house for a while, but Henry finds him insufferable, as St. Nigel wears Henry's bathrobe, and he kicks him out. Shawn and Gus reveal that the killer was a multiple time entrant, who has an amazing voice but always blows his chance on purpose, so he'll go to the next city (in case his plan didn't work), and he was hired by St. Nigel's other co-judge Zapato, who was overshadowed by St. Nigel, even though Zapato was the first judge to sign onto the show. St. Nigel taunts Zapato as Zapato is being taken away, calling him the "worst murderer ever". Shawn and Gus then perform Shout, dressed as Roland Orzabal and Michael Jackson, but since St. Nigel no longer needs their protection, he harshly critiques them and eliminates them from the competition.


In his willingness to be 'the bad guy' and determination to remain the focus of the show, he bears a remarkable resemblance to real-life American Idol judge Simon Cowell, who is also the driving force behind Britain's Got Talent and The X Factor.