Mortimer "Morty" Camp is a newscaster at KRXJ. He and his wife Connie Camp present the show Sun Up Santa Barbara together. Their marriage is under a lot of pressure and they are no longer living under the same roof, but they have no choice but to play the perfect couple whenever they're on the air. Connie is making efforts to save the marriage and is secretly in marriage therapy under the guise of tennis practice, but Morty thinks that she's having an affair with casanova Jackson Hale, the show's weatherman. Jackson usually films his trysts in front of an image of the Santa Barbara skyline superimposed on the studio's weather green screen, and one day he's doing just that with Sandra Panitch. Having concealed himself in the studio earlier and expecting to catch Jackson and Connie in the act, Morty comes out of hiding and stabs Jackson to death while wearing the technician's green screen suit that allows him to remain invisible to the camera. He then discovers that Jackson wasn't with Connie at all and decides to pin the murder on poor Sandra, thinking that he's just committed the perfect crime. During Sandra's court case, however, Shawn reveals that this perfect crime wasn't so perfect after all: Morty's frantic stabbing caused his opal pinky ring to make a tear in the suit, thus making it appear in the skyline background of the footage that, as irony would have it, was originally used to incriminate Sandra. Morty breaks and is convicted for the murder of Jackson Hale before Shawn reveals that Morty is also responsible for the death of Ruben Leonard, the show's interim weatherman, whom he killed when Ruben was about to out him as the true culprit.

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