Morgan Conrad
Arson Inspector
Morgan sees the first skull
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Actress: Melina Govich
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Earth, Wind, and... Wait for It
Last appearance: Earth, Wind, and... Wait for It

Morgan Conrad is an up-and-coming arson investigator, who, to the delight of Shawn and Gus, just happens to be a very attractive young woman as well. She is portrayed by Milena Govich.


Earth, Wind, and... Wait for ItEdit

In "Earth, Wind, and... Wait for It", Morgan's superior, Army Johnson, has ruled a recent fire accidental, but she's not convinced, and when a second blaze seems suspicious, she teams up, reluctantly, with Psych to track down possible perpetrators. The fire chief appears to be a prime suspect, until he himself perishes fighting a blaze single-handed, a conflagration the team are able to prove was set deliberately by a third party. In the end, Morgan's doggedness nearly costs her everything, as the 'fire bug' has in fact been Johnson all along, covering up the retributive murders of arsonists who killed his fellow firefighters. Morgan parts ways with the Psych team on friendly terms, though not, perhaps, the more intimate ones they had been hoping for.


  • Milena Govich, Conrad's actor, is mentioned in He Dead .