Gender: Male
Age: 7
Actor: Mateen Devji
Family: Unnamed (British) father
Rachael (mother)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Max
Status: Alive
First appearance: Juliet Takes a Luvvah
Last appearance: Cirque du Soul
Maximus is Rachael's son. He is portrayed by Mateen Devji.


Juliet Takes a LuvvahEdit

Maximus first appears in "Juliet Takes a Luvvah" in the Psych office when his mother introduces him to a stunned Gus. Rachael had met Gus on the internet and the two were dating happily, but she neglected to mention that she had a child.

No Country for Two Old MenEdit

In "No Country for Two Old Men", Gus spends the day with his new "family" (Rachael and Maximus) before leaving for Mexico without a word. When he gets back, he apologizes to Maximus for leaving him without a word and promises that it will never happen again. Maximus replies with "whatever", and Rachael explains that she hasn't actually told Maximus that she and Gus are dating - as far as he knows, Gus is there to build a shelf and clean out the garage.

Cirque du SoulEdit

In "Cirque du Soul", Rachael sends Maximus on a "big boy" day with Gus. After multiple attempts to bond with him, Gus takes Shawn's suggestion to heart and takes him to the local circus. While at the circus, Max heads to the port-a-potty without Gus's permission, which causes him to panic. They head inside the performance area after they find him. Maximus witnesses a trapeze artist fall to his death, causing Rachael to freak out and forbid Gus and Max from any more "big boy" days. After she cools down, she asks Gus to pick Max up from soccer. When he finishes, Shawn suggests that they go investigate a break in the case, but Gus refuses. After thinking it through, he agrees. When they arrive at their destination, Max hops out of the car without Shawn and Gus knowing. After they finish investigating, the building's alarm goes off and the police arrive. Rachael breaks up with Gus. At the end of the episode, they get back together because Rachael saw a huge change in Maximus every since she started dating Gus. It ends with Shawn daring Max to drink an entire jar of pickle juice for a five-dollar bill, whilst Rachael clearly reassesses whether this is really an influence she wants around her son.


  • Maximus moves back to London with his mother at the end of Season Seven and is not mentioned again.