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There have been 120 episodes of Psych, all of which are listed below by season.
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Season One[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Pilot July 7, 2006 1

Faced with a headline kidnapping case, the police reluctantly hire Shawn Spencer, the city's newest psychic detective, to assist with the investigation.

Spellingg Bee July 14, 2006 2

When the revered Spellmaster of the Regional Spelling Bee suddenly dies, Shawn and Gus are soon on hand to investigate.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece July 21, 2006 3

Shawn and Gus crash a high-society wedding in order to recover the stolen cherished antique engagement ring before the ceremony ends.

Woman Seeking Dead Husband: Smokers Okay, No Pets July 28, 2006 4

Shawn must communicate with the spirit world in order to recover a dead bank robber's stolen cash and save his widow's life.

9 Lives August 4, 2006 5

When Shawn believes a suicide is in fact a murder, he keeps himself on the case by insisting he's getting information from the sole witness – the victim's cat.

Weekend Warriors August 11, 2006 6

Shawn and Gus become Civil War reenactors when a carefully choreographed battlefield "death" turns out to have been a real-life murder.

Who Ya Gonna Call? August 18, 2006 7

Shawn and Gus must save a man who claims a ghost is trying to kill him.

Shawn vs. the Red Phantom August 25, 2006 8

A teenager goes missing, and to Gus's delight he and Shawn must spend the entire weekend at the boy's last known location, the Santa Barbara Comic Con, to investigate his disappearance.

Forget Me Not January 19, 2007 9

When Henry's former captain Brett Connors knows he's solved a crime but can't remember it, he comes to Shawn for help, who must make sense out of Connors' confused memories to find the killer.

From the Earth to Starbucks January 26, 2007 10

When a drunken Lassiter confesses to Shawn that he has doubts not only about his latest case but also about his ability to ever solve a case again, Shawn sets out to secretly prove him right in order to boost his morale.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead! February 2, 2007 11

Lassiter sticks Shawn with a case where a man shows up naked at the police station claiming to have been abducted by aliens, but Shawn's investigation soon takes him into an even stranger universe – speed dating.

Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder February 9, 2007 12

When a woman sleeps with a beloved local weatherman but wakes up to find him dead, she is charged with his murder. Shawn finds a way into the case by becoming a consultant to the defense.

Game, Set... Muuurder? February 16, 2007 13

Before the Psych agency can begin to investigate the disappearance of an up-and-coming tennis star, Shawn must first retrieve Gus from a corporate retreat, and they soon realize things are not always as they appear.

Poker? I Barely Know Her February 23, 2007 14

Henry's old friend Bill Peterson refuses to call the police after his wayward son steals from him and then goes missing, which forces Henry to go find help in the last place he ever wanted to visit – the Psych office.

Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast March 2, 2007 15

Shawn and Gus step into a real-life urban legend when they investigate a death suspiciously like the tale of "Scary Sherry", who met her untimely end at the now-haunted Wispy Sunny Pines mental institution.

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Season Two[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
American Duos July 13, 2007 16

When a talent show judge finds himself in a panic after a series of near-miss attempts on his life, he hires Santa Barbara's most reliable psychic detective to protect him.

65 Million Years Off July 20, 2007 17

Shawn finds himself out on a limb alone when he contends that a dead man who washes ashore was killed in a manner that skews the agreed death timeline – by approximately sixty five million years.

Psy vs. Psy July 27, 2007 18

Hot on the trail of a counterfeiter, the Feds show up in Santa Barbara with their own 'new and improved' version of Shawn. The SBPD have to band together to save their integrity and prove who has the better psychic.

Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds August 3, 2007 19

Lassiter's car gets stolen and Shawn solves the case in record time, but he soon realizes that nothing's ever that easy and must then drag Gus away from his vacation to further investigate a case he's already solved.

And Down the Stretch Comes Murder August 10, 2007 20

Shawn and Gus's childhood bully is now a jockey and hires them to find out why his horses keep losing. What looks like a simple horse whispering assignment turns deadly when a rival jockey dies while racing.

Meat Is Murder, But Murder Is Also Murder August 17, 2007 21

Shawn and Gus investigate the tasty world of gourmet cuisine when a restaurant critic is murdered. Meanwhile, a misunderstanding with Gus' Uncle Burton forces Gus to play the part of psychic detective.

If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead? August 24, 2007 22

When a couple of certified genius teenagers claim one of their teachers is a murderer, Shawn and Gus become guest lecturers at a prodigy school and soon discover the kids' imaginations might not be so wild after all.

Rob-a-Bye Baby September 7, 2007 23

When Chief Vick hires Shawn and Gus to find her a new nanny, they soon realize that their investigation might overlap with Lassiter's – a string of home invasion robberies.

Bounty Hunters! September 14, 2007 24

When an accused murderer goes on the lam, Shawn and Gus play bounty hunter and race to catch him before anyone else. However, the plot thickens when Shawn realizes the guy is actually innocent.

Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy December 7, 2007 25

Shawn and Henry are invited to Christmas dinner with Gus's parents, but the yuletide cheer is interrupted when a neighbor is found dead and Gus's dad is the suspected killer.

There's Something About Mira January 11, 2008 26

When a groom leaves his bride at the altar, Shawn becomes determined to uncover the truth about him for his new client, the last person on earth he'd ever expect to take a case from – Gus's previously unheard of wife.

The Old and the Restless January 18, 2008 27

A missing-persons case from a posh retirement community turns into a family affair when Shawn and Gus must team up with Henry to solve the case.

Lights, Camera... Homicidio January 25, 2008 28

On the set of Santa Barbara's most popular Spanish telenovela, life imitates art when a fictional murder turns real. Shawn solves the crime from the inside, while inadvertently becoming one of the show's stars.

Dis-Lodged February 1, 2008 29

Shawn and Gus discover there's more to a local brotherhood than funny hats and handshakes when their incoming leader is found dead after a secret ceremony at the lodge.

Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion February 8, 2008 30

It's Fashion Week in Santa Barbara, and all around town it's models, parties, and... death by electrocution? Shawn and Gus go undercover as male models to investigate the murder of a prominent designer.

Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead February 15, 2008 31

Shawn is called to the Natural History Museum when a mummy goes missing and all indications are that it got up and walked out on its own.

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Season Three[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Ghosts July 18, 2008 32

After Gus's boss demands he cease moonlighting at the Psych agency, Shawn must find a way to keep his partner while simultaneously solving a haunting case and dealing with the return of his mother.

Murder? ... Anyone? ... Anyone? ... Bueller? July 25, 2008 33

When Shawn is the sole witness to a murder at his and Gus's high school reunion, he must try to solve a case no one else thinks exists before the reunion ends and the attendees return to their grown-up lives.

Daredevils! August 1, 2008 34

While watching a daredevil's motorcycle jump at a fair, Shawn believes someone is sabotaging his stunts. Shawn and Gus talk their way into his inner circle in order to find out who's trying to kill him and why.

The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable August 8, 2008 35

When Shawn's adventurous and notoriously unreliable Uncle Jack comes to town with a treasure map, Shawn, Gus and Henry find themselves in a dangerous chase with a shady group of raiders desperate to get there first.

Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered! August 15, 2008 36

The biggest bust of Henry's career just walked out of jail on a technicality, so Shawn and Gus must revisit the seventies to reinvestigate the case and put the culprit behind bars for good.

There Might Be Blood August 22, 2008 37

A death on an offshore oil rig leads to a jurisdictional battle between Karen and her sister, not only over the case but also over the services of Santa Barbara's leading psychic detective.

Talk Derby to Me September 5, 2008 38

Shawn and Gus help an undercover Juliet solve a string of robberies connected to a roller derby team, which she has recently infiltrated as their newest member.

Gus Walks into a Bank September 12, 2008 39

After Gus finds himself held hostage in a bank, Shawn must not only find a way to get inside, but also become the gunman's chief negotiator.

Christmas Joy November 28, 2008 40

Shawn and Gus get on the trail of two grifters that are planning a big score. They are assisted by Gus's sister Joy, who is in town for the holidays and looking to repeat a secret fling she had with Shawn.

Six Feet Under the Sea January 9, 2009 41

When a beloved local sea lion is found dead after being released into the wild, Shawn sets out to prove it was murder and stumbles onto a bigger conspiracy.

Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing January 16, 2009 42

Shawn and Gus must prove Lassiter's innocence when he's on the hook for a murder committed inside the police station.

Earth, Wind and... Wait for It January 23, 2009 43

Shawn and Gus join up with the Santa Barbara Fire Department to prove that a series of arsons is more than it seems.

Any Given Friday Night at 10pm, 9pm Central January 30, 2009 44

Shawn and Gus go undercover at a professional football training camp when the severed foot of the missing kicker is discovered.

Truer Lies February 6, 2009 45

Shawn and Gus must prove a pathological liar is telling the truth in order to stop an assassination plot.

Tuesday the 17th February 13, 2009 46

Shawn and Gus are hired to find a camp counselor who disappeared near their old sleepaway campgrounds. Spooky activity abounds and they must uncover if the dark past of the abandoned camp has come back to life.

An Evening with Mr. Yang February 20, 2009 47

After eluding capture and disappearing years ago, the famed Yin Yang serial killer is back, and he's set his sights on Shawn.

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Season Four[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Extradition: British Columbia August 7, 2009 48

Shawn and Gus come across an elusive international art thief while vacationing in Canada.

He Dead August 14, 2009 49

When a billionaire crashes his small plane in the woods, Shawn and Gus join the search to find the wreckage, but they arrive only in time to hear his last words – he was murdered.

High Noon-ish August 21, 2009 50

When strange things start happening at a simulated Old West tourist attraction that threaten to shut it down permanently, Lassiter enlists Shawn and Gus's help to uncover the truth and keep a part of his childhood open.

The Devil Is in the Details... and the Upstairs Bedroom August 28, 2009 51

A priest and former teacher to Shawn and Gus calls them for help when he believes an apparent suicide was in fact the work of the devil.

Shawn Gets the Yips September 11, 2009 52

After a cop bar is shot up in an apparent robbery, Shawn realizes the shooter was actually targeting a member of their softball team.

Bollywood Homicide September 18, 2009 53

A man needs Shawn and Gus's help to lift a curse on him that seems to put all of his girlfriends in mortal danger.

High Top Fade-Out September 25, 2009 54

Gus must team back up with his estranged college singing buddies when a member of their old quartet is murdered.

Let's Get Hairy October 9, 2009 55

An eccentric man believes he is a werewolf and enlists Shawn and Gus to help protect society against him.

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark October 16, 2009 56

Shawn's life hangs in the balance when, while working on a case involving an ice cream truck, he stumbles onto something bigger and far more deadly.

You Can't Handle This Episode January 27, 2010 57

When a beloved local sea lion is found dead after being released into the wild, Shawn sets out to prove it was murder and stumbles onto a bigger conspiracy.

Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers February 3, 2010 58

When Shawn and Gus join Gus's new girlfriend on a rafting trip, a member of the group is lost overboard and Shawn quickly realizes it was no accident.

A Very Juliet Episode February 10, 2010 59

When Juliet asks Gus to help her track down an old boyfriend, she inadvertently exposes a dark and closely guarded secret.

Death Is in the Air February 17, 2010 60

Shawn and Gus must recover a deadly pathogen before a thief releases it into the city.

Think Tank February 24, 2010 61

Shawn and Gus are recruited into a think tank to prevent the murder of a business tycoon, but afterwards they realize that one of the members plans to use the assassination ideas they brainstormed to kill the client instead.

The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode March 3, 2010 62

After Lassiter takes a page out of Shawn's book and claims a shark attack victim was actually murdered, the guys must then scramble to find the creature and prove him right.

Mr. Yin Presents... March 10, 2010 63

A killer targets Shawn using scenarios from classic Hitchcock films.

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Season Five[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Romeo and Juliet and Juliet July 14, 2010 64

Shawn and Gus find themselves caught between two rival Chinese Triad gangs as they search for a powerful businessman's abducted daughter.

Feet Don't Kill Me Now July 21, 2010 65

When a woman is found dead with a bottle of lab trial pills, Lassiter and Gus, who are taking the same tap class, team up to dance their way to catching a murderer, while Juliet and Shawn try their hand at teamwork too.

Not Even Close... Encounters July 28, 2010 66

Shawn and Gus get themselves hired onto the case when an unstable lawyer claims his assistant was abducted by aliens.

Chivalry Is Not Dead... But Someone Is August 4, 2010 67

When a wealthy widow's young date is murdered, Shawn and Gus are pitted against a dirty rotten scoundrel they are convinced trained the victim to be a con artist.

Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing) August 11, 2010 68

When a car thief turns up dead, Shawn and Gus must infiltrate a drag racing ring to find the killer. Shawn soon finds himself enjoying the fast lane too much, which not only endangers the investigation but also their lives.

Viagra Falls August 18, 2010 69

When a former police chief is killed, it is revealed he might have been corrupt. Shawn and Gus get a glimpse of their futures as they team up with two retired detectives to clear the old chief's name and solve his murder.

Ferry Tale August 25, 2010 70

Shawn and Gus help a prison guard locate his escaped inmates while on a ferry boat headed to an eco-project in the Channel Islands.

Shawn 2.0 September 1, 2010 71

While pursuing a murder case involving victims on a liver transplant donor list, Shawn is faced with a man whose criminal profiling skills, and hair, rival his own.

One, Maybe Two, Ways Out September 8, 2010 72

Shawn and Gus find themselves in the midst of spy thriller as they chase after a U.S. Government agent who needs their help in clearing her name of a crime she supposedly never committed.

Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part November 10, 2010 73

Shawn and Gus are invited to prison by their old nemesis Pierre Despereaux, who uses them to escape and pull one last job before his extradition. However, he needs the duo's help for real when he is framed for murder.

In Plain Fright November 17, 2010 74

Shawn and Gus witness a murder at a theme park and are soon led to believe that the culprit is the ghost of a man who fell to his death in the same park 13 years ago.

Dual Spires December 1, 2010 75

Shawn and Gus are invited to a festival in a small town and arrive to find themselves embroiled in the mystery of a drowned teenage girl who had supposedly already met a similar fate seven years ago in Santa Barbara.

We'd Like to Thank the Academy December 8, 2010 76

Shawn and Gus solve a case and are soon reprimanded because they didn't follow police procedure. They are sent to the Police Academy for a three-week crash course, but old habits die hard.

The Polarizing Express December 15, 2010 77

When Shawn's antics cause a case to be thrown out, he starts dreaming what Santa Barbara would be like if he had never returned and suddenly discovers how to put the criminal away for good.

Dead Bear Walking December 15, 2010 78

The murder of the local zoo's polar bear trainer is quickly pinned on the polar bear, but Shawn believes the animal to be innocent.

Yang 3 in 2D December 22, 2010 79

The Yin/Yang trilogy comes to a thrilling close as Shawn and Gus race to save a woman kidnapped by Mr. Yin. However, this time they need Mr. Yang's knowledge of Yin and have no choice but to let her tag along.

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Season Six[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Shawn Rescues Darth Vader October 12, 2011 80

Shawn discovers a body in the holiday home of the British Ambassador and places his credibility as a psychic in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Lassiter confronts Shawn and Juliet over their relationship.

Last Night Gus October 19, 2011 81

Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Woody wake up in the Psych office with no recollection of the night before. When a body is found, the quartet have to retrace their steps to exonerate themselves and find the real killer.

This Episode Sucks October 26, 2011 82

Lassiter's new relationship with a mysterious and beautiful woman is placed in jeopardy when Shawn and Gus are convinced she is the murderer responsible for the blood-drained body the SBPD is investigating.

The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap-Man, Issue 2 November 2, 2011 83

When a local drug syndicate are attacked by a masked vigilante called The Mantis, Shawn and Gus assume their own superhero identities to catch what they believe to be a new SBPD officer gone rogue.

Dead Man's Curve Ball November 9, 2011 84

When the hitting coach of the local baseball team suddenly dies with amphetamines in his system, the team's manager hires Shawn and Gus to start an undercover investigation as the new coach and mascot.

Shawn, Interrupted November 16, 2011 85

A billionaire that Lassiter investigated for murder is institutionalized rather than incarcerated, so Shawn is placed in the same mental hospital to prove Lassie right.

In for a Penny... November 30, 2011 86

After upsetting Juliet by reuniting her with her estranged father without taking the time to learn that he's a con man, Shawn tries to assuage her by hiring him on a case to prove he's changed.

The Tao of Gus December 7, 2011 87

Shawn and Gus take a young woman who just witnessed a murder and fears for her life back to her home to protect her, only to realize they've walked right into a cult.

Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat December 14, 2011 88

Shawn and Juliet are enjoying a romantic getaway when they are robbed by a couple they had previously befriended. Just as a corpse turns up, Gus, Lassiter and Henry arrive to join the investigation.

Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger February 29, 2012 89

A valuable shipment of artifacts is stolen from a museum, so Shawn calls in Pierre Despereaux to help them catch the thief. However, they soon discover that one of the artifacts is the key to a much bigger mystery.

Heeeeere's Lassie March 7, 2012 90

After Lassiter moves into a new condo where the previous tenant was found dead, he hires Shawn and Gus to investigate the strange events that begin going on.

Shawn and the Real Girl March 14, 2012 91

When a reality TV show contestant vying for the love of a bachelorette suffers a suspicious car crash, Shawn and Gus go undercover as two new contestants to find out who is behind the attempted murder.

Let's Doo-Wop It Again March 21, 2012 92

When the founder of Santa Barbara's oldest at-risk youth program is shot and almost killed, Shawn, Gus and the available members of Gus's college a cappella group investigate to find the culprit.

Autopsy Turvy March 28, 2012 93

After a mortician brings to light a mistake Woody made while performing an autopsy, Shawn and Gus have to figure out the body's real cause of death while trying to prevent Woody's dismissal.

True Grits April 4, 2012 94

An impassioned chef from the South seeks restitution after his robbery conviction is overturned and hires Shawn and Gus to help him find the criminal whose time he served.

Santabarbaratown April 11, 2012 95

A 20-year search for a body finally pays off, allowing Shawn, Gus, and Henry to reopen the case and revisit all the old suspects.

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Season Seven[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Santabarbaratown 2 February 27, 2013 96

As Henry is struggling for his life in a Santa Barbara hospital, Shawn is determined to catch his father's shooter at all costs.

Juliet Takes a Luvvah March 6, 2013 97

Gus finds love, and Shawn gets insanely jealous when Juliet goes undercover on an Internet dating site.

Lassie Jerky March 13, 2013 98

Shawn and Gus join two college filmmakers that are shooting a documentary about Bigfoot in the woods.

No Country for Two Old Men March 20, 2013 99

Shawn tries to get Henry to bond with Juliet's stepfather, but things go awry when the two men disappear without a trace.

100 Clues March 27, 2013 100

Shawn and Gus attend a secret party at the historical mansion of an aging former rockstar, and when a murder occurs all the suspects point fingers at each other.

Cirque du Soul April 3, 2013 101

Gus is tasked with taking care of his girlfriend's son Maximus for the day, but he jeopardizes their relationship when an innocent trip to the circus turns deadly.

Deez Nups April 10, 2013 102

While attending Lassie's wedding at a casino resort, the gang crosses paths with a crime boss.

Right Turn or Left for Dead April 17, 2013 103

After solving a case, Shawn considers how things would have played out if he had done some things differently.

Juliet Wears the Pantsuit April 24, 2013 104

After kicking Shawn out of their apartment, Juliet gets a new roommate – who is more than she seems.

Santa Barbarian Candidate May 1, 2013 105

When the mayor dies in an apparent surfing accident, Shawn decides to run for the office.

Office Space May 8, 2013 106

When Gus inadvertently tampers with a crime scene at his office, Shawn must find the murderer before Gus is arrested.

Dead Air May 15, 2013 107

Shawn and Gus go undercover as radio personalities to find out who murdered their favorite DJ.

Nip and Suck It May 22, 2013 108

A plastic surgery patient is discovered dead and Shawn and Gus suspect a local surgeon who, inconveniently or otherwise, happens to be someone Henry used to date.

No Trout About It May 29, 2013 109

When the mayor hires a consultant to increase efficiency at the SBPD, things don't go as planned for Santa Barbara's lead psychic.

Psych: The Musical December 15, 2013 110
52MMusical Gus gets his part.PNG

Shawn and Gus dive into a world that's equal parts mystery and melody to track down a mad playwright who burnt down a theater after locking a critic inside.

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Season Eight[]

Screenshot Title Air Date #
Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire January 8, 2014 111

Shawn and Gus head to England to help out Interpol and visit Pottercon, but encounter Pierre Despereaux along the way.

S.E.I.Z.E. the Day January 15, 2014 112

Despite their demotions, Shawn, Gus and Lassiter team up to track down the criminal who tried to assassinate Interim Chief Trout.

Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement January 22, 2014 113

Shawn and Gus once again try to solve the murder of local weatherman Jackson Hale in this remake of S1E12 "Cloudy... With a Chance of Murder".

Someone's Got a Woody January 29, 2014 114

Woody is taken hostage by a desperate ex-con who claims he's being set up for murder.

Cog Blocked February 5, 2014 115

Shawn and Gus investigate the apparent suicide of a man who is a mirror image of Gus.

1967: A Psych Odyssey February 26, 2014 116

Lassiter is determined to be appointed Chief of Police, so he sets out to prove himself deserving of the job by solving the murder of the mayor's beloved uncle.

Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up March 5, 2014 117

Shawn and Gus work on a food truck to get close to a case, and Lassiter and Marlowe's baby comes at the worst ever time.

A Touch of Sweevil March 12, 2014 118

Shawn and Gus are invited to be on a panel at a police consultant convention, but things go awry when a murder occurs. Meanwhile, Lassiter is trying his best to get rid of his new head detective.

A Nightmare on State Street March 19, 2014 119

When Gus begins to lose sleep over his recent nightmares, he heads to a therapist who claims that he can help him.

The Break-Up March 26, 2014 120

Shawn decides to move to San Francisco to be with Juliet, but struggles to find a way to break the news to Gus.

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