Leslie Sally
Head of Security at the Santa Barbara CCP Branch
Leslie Sally
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: David Koechner
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Balding black
Eye color: Green
Status: Deceased
First appearance: Office Space
Last appearance: Office Space

Leslie Valerie Sally is the Head of Security at the Central Coast Pharmaceuticals branch in Santa Barbara. He has a fear of speaking in public but nevertheless uses his excellent detective skills to steal Lassiter's thunder at the scene of Dorian Creech's murder, much like Shawn normally does. Lassiter doesn't deem him worthy of his respect and is initially condescending and dismissive towards him due to his lowly role in the law enforcement hierarchy, but after Sally manages to gain the confidence of Juliet and the rest of the present officers he realizes he will have to follow Sally's lead to stay relevant to the investigation.

Shawn and Gus are witness to this and are afraid Sally might come to the reasonable yet mistaken conclusion that Gus is the culprit after finding out about their involvement with the crime scene. They have great trouble reading him throughout the entire investigation and are about to confess the truth to him when he reveals he, as the super detective he is, already long knew Gus isn't the one who murdered Creech. Unfortunately, though, he drops dead before he can tell them that the real killer is Mitch Murray, the same person who later turns out also to have caused Sally's own death by poisoning his thermos flask to keep his guilt under wraps.


  • He's an avid camper.
  • Just like Shawn, he doesn't have a white best friend.