Lauren Lassiter
Film Student
Lauren Lassiter
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Actress: April Bowlby
Family: Mona Lassiter (mother)
Unnamed father
Althea (step-mom)
Carlton Lassiter (brother)
Marlowe Lassiter (sister-in-law)
Lilly Lassiter (niece)
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Blue
Aliases: LuLu
Status: Alive
First appearance: Dead Bear Walking
Last appearance: Dead Bear Walking

Lauren Lassiter is Detective Carlton Lassiter's (much) younger sister and a film student. She once followed the SBPD around while making a police documentary. She is portrayed by April Bowlby.

Character BiographyEdit

Lauren is in Santa Barbara to film her older brother for a police documentary. He tries to impress her by acting in charge when they get a call for a murder down at the zoo. Lauren comes with them, and films the crime scene. There she meets Shawn and Gus, who are shocked at how attractive she is. The murder victim is a polar bear trainer, with the polar bear the prime suspect. Lassiter tries his best on camera, however all attention turns to Shawn after he claims the bear was framed.

Lauren gets bored watching her brother just do desk work, going through evidence, as she always imagined her brother as a superhero who went out and saved people, but this is starting to change her mind. She leaves Lassiter and goes to film Shawn and Gus. 

They head to a the trainer's neighbor's house after Shawn realizes he is the killer, but wanting to make Lauren look up to Lassiter again, feigns a 'psychic short-circuit' and allows Lassiter to step in and take the credit, saying that he found it in the desk work, and proving sometimes it's work out of the field that counts. This re-ignites Lauren's admiration of her brother. Throughout the episode Gus tries to flirt with her, however he is always blocked by either Shawn or Lassiter.

Since her single appearance, the character hasn't been mentioned again.