Josephine "Joy" Guster
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Actress: Faune A. Chambers
Family: Bill Guster (father)
Winnie Guster (mother)
Burton Guster II (brother)
Unnamed brother
Burton Guster (uncle)
Mira Gaffney (former sister-in-law)
Significant other(s): Shawn Spencer (fling)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Joy
Status: Alive
First appearance: Christmas Joy
Last appearance: Christmas Joy

Josephine "Joy" Guster is the older sister of Gus and the daughter of Winnie Guster and Bill Guster. She is portrayed by Faune A. Chambers.


Christmas JoyEdit

Joy appears in the Season Three episode Christmas Joy. She has just returned to the country and is excited to spend the Christmas with Gus. When Shawn explains that he has nowhere to stay (due to a mishap involving a stray cat that he adopted and fleas), Joy is eager to have Shawn stay with the Gusters for Christmas. While at the Gusters, it is revealed that she and Shawn have a brief, hidden romantic past. She and Shawn would like to rekindle their relationship, but doing so would make Gus aware of their previous fling. During a case that they are working, Shawn and Gus have Joy go undercover (as an elf in a Christmas village) to get access and investigate. When a dead body appears, she and Gus scream, showing that the high, girly screams runs in the family. She and Shawn reveal their secret past on Christmas morning, surprised to find that Winnie, Bill, and Gus refuse to forgive them, kicking Shawn out and ruining Christmas breakfast. When Shawn returns later to apologize, they all forgive him saying that they love him like family. Joy was also very surprised to find that her mother placed bets.

Sadly, Joy did not enliven any further Christmases, or reappear on Shawn's radar.


  • In "High Top Fade-Out", Tony and Joon express admiration, much to Gus' disgust, for Shawn due to his fling with Joy.
  • Gus mentions in Juliet Takes a Luvvah that he is fairly certain that she is adopted.
  • Although referenced, sometimes obliquely, throughout the series she is only seen the once, with both of her parents turning up more often.


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