Jordon Beaumont
Owner of the Blue Derby
Jordan Beaumont
Gender: Male
Actor: Rob Estes
Family: Ellis Beaumont (father)
Significant other(s): Veronica Towne (formerly, deceased)
Thea Summers (formerly)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Santabarbaratown
Last appearance: Santabarbaratown

Jordon Beaumont is the owner of the Blue Derby, as well as the long-time suspect in the Veronica Towne disappearance case. When the body of his father, Ellis Beaumont, is found near the body of Veronica Towne, he is once again the main suspect. He is portrayed by Rob Estes.

Character BiographyEdit


In "Santabarbaratown", Jordon Beaumont, the prime suspect of the disappearance of Veronica Towne, Jordon's girlfriend at the time, is once again the prime suspect when Towne's bodies turns up near the body of Jordon's father, Ellis Beaumont. Henry, Shawn, and Gus go to interview Jordon, and he remembers Henry, as Henry was lead investigator on the case in 1991. Jordon isn't quite welcoming to Henry, but is shocked when he hears his father's body was found near Veronica Towne's, and says he has an alibi - he was with his girlfriend Thea Summers.

Thea says that her and Jordon aren't dating, as she doesn't call it "dating" if they're not sleeping together. Later, while Shawn, Gus and Henry are interrogating Ida Lane she tells them that Jordon didn't own a thing, he was just the front man, it was his father Ellis who held onto everything. After discovering that Veronica was pregnant, he believes that Jordon killed her because he wanted nothing to do with fatherhood. However this theory is disproved when it turns out Jordon used to be married to Ida, but they separated because Jordon is sterile, so he couldn't have gotten Veronica pregnant.

After Shawn is punched in the face and given a black eye, he and Gus go back to Jordon's room. Thea says he's not there, but they find him behind a curtain, and Shawn punches him in the face as he thinks it was Jordon who hit him. However Shawn gets another threatening call, and realizes it wasn't Jordon, and rushes out of the apartment. Shawn, Gus and Henry catch the anonymous caller, but he swears he didn't kill Beaumont. However, Shawn realizes who the real killer is, and rushes back to Jordon's right as Thea is telling him it won't work out. Shawn reveals however, that Thea is Jordon's half-sister, Dahlia Towne, as she was Veronica Towne's daughter, and Ellis'. Ellis murdered Veronica, and now Thea has murdered Ellis. The police arrive and take Veronica away, leaving Jordon shocked.