Jason Straub is Mayor Gavin Channing's fix-it man, the political string-puller and wheeler-dealer who ensures that the bumps in the mayoral road are smoothed out before he hits them. He is portrayed by Neil Grayston.


Santa Barbarian CandidateEdit

In "Santa Barbarian Candidate", when Gavin is lost in what seems to be a surfing accident, Jason persuades Shawn to run as a candidate in the subsequent election, and seems to have a good chance of being right-hand man to the new mayor as well. However, Shawn and Gus uncover evidence of the accidental death of Gavin's rival's fiancee, with whom Gavin was having an affair, and identify Jason's role in her disappearance. When Gavin wanted to make a clean breast of things, Jason saw his own future going down the toilet with the Mayor, and resorted to murder.

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