Hank Mendel
Owner of Wild West Recreation Town Old Sonora
Hank Mendel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: James Brolin
Family: Annie (wife)
Carlton Lassiter (adopted "son")
Hair color: White
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Sheriff Hank
Status: Alive
First appearance: High Noon-ish
Last appearance: High Noon-ish
Hank Mendel was a sheriff of the western recreation town, "Old Sonora", and a father-figure to Lassiter. When Lassiter was a child he was dropped off at Old Sonora for many weekends. Hank calls Lassiter "Binky," the only person allowed to do so. When there was vandalism at Old Sonora, Lassiter brought Shawn and Gus in to investigate as it was out of his jurisdiction. After the culprit was caught, he got married and rode off into the sunset. He is portrayed by James Brolin.

Character BiographyEdit

High Noon-ishEdit

In "High Noon-ish," it is revealed that Lassiter had an absent father, so on the weekends his mom would bring him to the Western Recreation Town Old Sonora, owned by the "Sherriff" Hank Mendel. Hank nicknamed Lassiter "Binky" and was like a father to the boy.

In the present, someone is vandalizing Old Sonora. Due to the fact that the town is out of Lassiter's jurisdiction, he hires Shawn and Gus to investigate. Lassiter doesn't tell them it's a recreation town, and they don't realize it until Hank has a gun fight with Stinky Pete and people start applauding. Lassiter leaves them over night with Hank. While camping out, something spooks the horses, and Hank goes to investigate. Shawn and Gus follow, but trip over a dead body, and are almost trampled by the horses, but Hank pushes them out of the way.

Hank, however, is trampled by the horses, getting his leg cut. He's taken to Henry's, but refuses to go to a hospital. He tries to go to work, as Old Sonora hasn't closed for 45 years, but Shawn takes his place as sherriff instead. After discovering that the murdered man was rich corporation owner Frank McBain, the SBPD believe this may give Hank a motive for murder. Hank says McBain only contacted him once, however McBain was using fake names to make it seem like it wasn't him to get a better price.

It is discovered that the weapon used to kill McBain is the same one Hank carries, Lassiter is forced to arrest Hank. He takes Hank into custody, but founds out it wasn't Hank's gun, just one of the same model that killed McBain. They rush off to stop the man with the other gun that's the same as Hank's - Stinky Pete, the reenactment's "bad guy". Pete and Lassiter have a standoff, and Lassiter is quicker than Pete, shooting him. Hank discovers that Pete wanted the gold he found under Old Sonora, but since it's on Hank's land it belongs to Hank. Hank leaves Old Sonora wealthy, and getting married to his former girlfriend Miss Annie.