Ewan O'Hara
U.S.A. Government Black Ops
Ewan OHara
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: John Cena
Family: Frank O'Hara (father)
Maryanne O'Hara (mother)
Lloyd French (step-father)
Juliet O'Hara (sister)
Shawn Spencer (brother-in-law)
Unnamed brother
Unnamed sister-in-law
Drake O'Hara (nephew)
Finn O'Hara (nephew)
Issac O'Hara (nephew)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: You Can't Handle This Episode
Last appearance: Psych: The Movie

Ewan O'Hara is the older brother of Juliet O'Hara and the son of Frank and Maryanne O'Hara. He is portrayed by John Cena.


You Can't Handle This EpisodeEdit

Ewan first was introduced in "You Can't Handle This Episode". He works for the U.S. Military. Ewan helps his little sister Juliet out with a murder case that involves the military. He has a Top Secret DoD ID, which he uses to help the police and the Psych duo get onto the military base. He is ordered (by a shadowy, unidentified figure) to get rid of the murderer before he's taken in by the police. He secretly destroys evidence that would help the police in their investigation. At first Shawn and Gus think that Ewan is the murderer, to the anger of Juliet, but eventually they work with him, and find an illegal gun seller. Ewan saves the lives of Shawn and Gus, and gets them away safely. Ewan, Shawn and Gus tell the police and Major General Felts who the culprit is, but as Ewan slips away Shawn realizes that Ewan is more involved than he thought. Shawn and Gus catch up with Ewan only to see him about to shoot the murderer to avoid bad publicity for the army. Shawn tries to talk him out of it, but he can't. Fortunately, Juliet arrives and arrests Ewan before he can shoot the man. When the Dept. of Corrections vehicle comes to take him away, however, Ewan has somehow disappeared, and was apparently never supposed to be on the vehicle, his arrest record having vanished without trace.

Ewan, although not seen, is a large part of the Psych duo's motivation to help Nadia in "One, Maybe Two, Ways Out", with her sexiness and capacity for violence also factoring in.

Ewan made only one appearance during the main series. However he made a second appearance in the final moments of Psych: The Movie, purportedly to wish Shawn well in his life with Juliet, but in fact fleeing heavily armed bad guys, as is his wont. When he appears this time, Shawn's 'HUD' lists him as "Ex-Black Ops".


Since Ewan is played by WWE wrestler John Cena, there are numerous references to his other career and 'Captain America' persona in the ring.