Ed Dykstra
Canadian Deputy Commissioner
Ed dykstra
Gender: Male
Age: Unspecified (apparently sixties)
Actor: Ed Lauter
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Brown, balding
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Extradition: British Columbia
Last appearance: Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part
Edward "Ed" Dykstra is a Canadian Police Officer who helps Shawn and Gus catch and extradite art thief Pierre Despereaux. He is Corporal Robert Mackintosh's superior. He is portrayed by Ed Lauter.


Extradition: British ColumbiaEdit

In "Extradition: British Columbia", Shawn Spencer and Gus sight Pierre Despereaux at a skiing resort, so they give chase. When they're unable to catch him they go to the local authorities, where the leader their, Ed Dykstra, calls Detective Carlton Lassiter to bring up his files on Despereaux. Instead, Lassiter flies up himself and insists on working the case. Later, Shawn leads them to the roof of a hotel, where Shawn says Despereaux is, but by the time they get up there he's gone. Dykstra (as well as everyone else except Corporal Robert Mackintosh) no longer believes Shawn and Gus and walks away. Shawn tells the RCMP again where Despereaux's next job will be, but they're too late again. Next time, Shawn, Gus, and a hesitant Mackintosh try to get to Despereaux's next robbery before him, but they're arrested and Mackintosh fired. Finally, Shawn realizes the truth, that the owners of the pieces are giving them to Despereaux and pretending they're stolen, and Dykstra, along with Mackintosh and others, arrest Despereaux for insurance fraud.

Extradition II: The Actual Extradition PartEdit

In "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part", Shawn and Gus are back in Canada due to an invitation by Pierre Despereaux, but when they accidentally break him out and a robbery/murder is commited, they tell Mackintosh and Dykstra that it was Despereaux who commited the crime. When they get there Despereaux is still in jail, so they leave, once again not believing Shawn and Gus. But when Shawn and Gus go to the RCMP again, this time with the theory that Frank Crosley set Despereaux up, Dykstra and Mackintosh pull Shawn into Dykstra's office and question him about what he knows about Crosley, who is suspected of killing a detective. Lassiter, Juliet, Shawn, Gus and the RCMP go to his house to confront him, but he's found floating dead in his pool. Finally, Shawn and Gus find the real killer and the one who framed Despereaux, Crosley's wife Valerie, and Shawn ends up knocking her out with a shovel. She is arrested, and Despereaux is finally extradited to America. Though too polite to say so outright, Dykstra is glad to see the back of all his visitors from the south.