Ed Dixon
Former Military
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Big Show (Paul Wight)
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Big Ed
Status: Alive
First appearance: Lassie Jerky
Last appearance: Lassie Jerky
Ed Dixon was previously in the military before losing faith in humanity and living off the woods. He dresses in a Big Foot-esque camouflage suit so as not to disturb nature. He nursed Carlton Lassiter back to health when the detective stepped in a bear trap and lost a lot of blood. He is portrayed by Paul Wight, who wrestles as '(The) Big Show'.

Character BiographyEdit

Lassie JerkyEdit

In "Lassie Jerky", Ed finds Lassiter unconscious in the woods, and carries him away. This is caught on camera and when Shawn, Gus, Juliet, and filmmakers Chavo and Katie see it, they believe it is Big Foot taking Lassiter away to eat him. They find Ed's cabin, where they see meat roasting on an open fire and Lassiter's clothes, and they believe Big Foot ate Lassiter, however when they go in the house they find Lassiter sitting comfortably. Ed walks in, and is dressed in his camouflage, and Juliet points his gun at him.

However Ed takes his mask off, and explains that he used to be in the military, however he lost faith in humanity, and has been living in the wild for over ten years. He wears the suit as camouflage, so as not to disturb the natural balance. When asked about the dead bodies, he says he has no clue. Shawn does some further investigating, and finds evidence that he may be the killer of three people. Shawn doesn't believe so, and just then Ed walks back into the cabin. When Lassiter asks him about the evidence, he says he found it in the woods. Lassiter says Ed's gonna need to go with them, but Ed says that they're not gonna get out alive, before collapsing with an axe lodged in his back.

The real killers, Serbian contract killers, tracked Ed back to his cabin, and arrive as Juliet and Lassiter are preparing to fight them off. They shoot Katie, Chavo and Lassiter, but as one is about to shoot Gus, Ed stands up and puts him in a bear hug, knocking him out. Afterwards, Ed is covered up, as he's believed to be dead, and Shawn and Gus say a few words, but he moves his hand and asks if "anyone checks for a pulse anymore" before passing out again. Gus runs and gets him help, and it's announced that Ed will make a full recovery.