Police Officer
Wikia Psych - Dobson
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Val Kilmer
Family: Unknown
Significant other(s): Unknown
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Brown
Aliases: Officer Dobson
Status: Alive
First appearance: The Breakup
Last appearance: The Breakup

Dobson is, apparently, an officer who has been floating unobserved, yet mentioned in the background of the SBPD for the eight years of the show. According to Shawn's farewell message in "The Breakup", he (Shawn) heard that Dobson was heroic, the kind of guy he wishes he'd spoken to, and would have admired. Dobson is given a 'friendship bracelet' by Chief Lassiter, only because Brannigan has made yet another batch. His moment in the spotlight is a fifty-second cameo by Val Kilmer, only about twelve of it to camera.

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