Curt Smith
Curt Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 50s
Actor: Curt Smith
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Grey, balding
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Shawn 2.0
Last appearance: A Nightmare on State Street

Curt Smith (b. June 24, 1961) is a British singer-songwriter, known primarily for his work in the band 'Tears for Fears'. He gives a personal, private (and presumably expensive) performance for Declan Rand in "Shawn 2.0". He tries to play a variety of songs, however Declan demands he only plays "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". He later plays at a wedding Shawn and Gus attended. In "100 Clues", he is hired to sing at a party, but is shot on the way inside. He is one of Shawn's personal heroes.

Fictionalized BiographyEdit

Shawn 2.0Edit

In "Shawn 2.0", Shawn and Gus go to confront Declan Rand when they discover that he doesn't have the degrees he claims to have. When they reach his address, he turns out to live in a mansion, and is filthy rich. When they go to his pool they see Curt Smith, who stayed there after a party at Declan's a few nights before. He tries to switch up what songs he plays, however Declan demands that Smith continue playing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World". Shawn repeatedly tells Smith that he loves him, which weirds Smith out. Smith later plays at Shawn and Gus's friend's wedding, where he gets drunk.

100 CluesEdit

In "100 Clues", Curt Smith is hired as entertainment at a party for Billy Lipps. As he's coming to the door, Smith sees Lipps's butler, Clizby, hiding a murder weapon, and is promptly shot in the stomach. He is then attacked by Lipps's pet panther, Emma. Once he makes it inside, he sings a track off his new CD before almost identifying his shooter, but passing out before he can get the words out. After Clizby is found to be the murderer, Smith is taken out on a stretcher, but is once again attacked by Emma. 

A Nightmare on State StreetEdit

He appears briefly in "A Nightmare on State Street". In Gus' dream, he is surrounded and eaten by zombies.