Prison guard
Craig the guard showing his softer side
Gender: Male
Age: 40s
Actor: Chi McBride
Family: Unknown
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: Ferry Tale
Last appearance: Ferry Tale

Craig (apparently pronounced 'Cre-eg') is the prison guard in "Ferry Tale", responsible for a work detail of a four prisoners, who proceed to overpower him and take hostages on the ship. He is portrayed by Chi McBride.


Ferry TaleEdit

In "Ferry Tale", Craig is a prison guard on a ferry who accidentally (and in the course of being a Good Samaritan) lets the four prisoners he was overseeing get the jump on him. They proceed to take hostages on the ship. In the interests of keeping his job, Craig allies himself with Shawn and Gus, whom he only just met, hoping to somehow recapture his charges before they can get off the ship. Sadly, however, although the SBPD retake the vessel without loss of life, the two most dangerous prisoners manage to pull a switch with a couple of innocent bystanders, and escape. Craig is quickly fired. Now unemployed, Craig tags along with the duo as they attempt to piece together what happened, and perhaps salvage his reputation. Through the women in Dane Northcutt's life (one of the escapees) they work out that a job he was part of involves loot that was never recovered, and they realize it must still be in a local church. When they confront the two criminals, Craig pulls a double-cross, taking the money and the Blueberry at gun point, and leaving Shawn and Gus tied up like the other two. When Shawn and Gus writhe free and track him down, begging him to do the right thing, Craig points his gun at them again - but proceeds to shoot the approaching criminals, who have also escaped their bonds. Gus and Shawn's version of events leads to Craig getting his old job back, and a $100,000 reward for the recovered money from the robbery. Craig thanks the duo, but leaves without sharing his financial good fortune.


The name pronunciation issue may be an in-joke involving the actor, who apparently doesn't use his given name, Kenneth, but goes rather by "Chi" (pronounced 'shy'), from his hometown of Chicago.