Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Garrett Morris
Family: Son, Jermaine
Significant other(s): Leslie Ann (formerly)
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: Brown
Status: Alive
First appearance: 100 Clues
Last appearance: 100 Clues

Clizby was the butler for Billy Lipps & The Guys Behind Me. Clizby and Billy Lipps's biggest groupie, Leslie Ann, slept together, and had a baby that Clizby didn't know about. In the Butler Did It scenario of "100 Clues", Clizby killed Melinda Lane and pinned it on Billy Lipps, as well as killing Rip and shooting Curt Smith. He is portrayed by Garrett Morris.

Character BiographyEdit

100 CluesEdit

In "100 Clues", Shawn and Gus come to Billy Lipps's mansion for a party. There, Clizby is working as a butler, like he had for many years before for Billy's band. He gives Shawn and Gus a tour of the mansion, but refuses to tell him who the host is, then leaves to answer the door bell. Later, after Billy reveals himself as the host, the lights go out, and when they come back on Billy Lipps's manager is dead. When everyone splits up to search for the top suspect Rip, Billy Lipps's guitarist, Clizby and Gus get put together. They then rush to the door, and Lassiter and Juliet come in and say a missing person's car was seen near the mansion. They then find the missing person, Rip, in the freezer. 

While interviewing everyone, Shawn believes Billy gathered everyone that helped put him in jail together to kill them all, and when they go to confront Billy he's gone. He's then found singing in his favorite music spot, but a chandelier falls and almost kills him, but Shawn saves him. Curt Smith then walks in, shot in the stomach, then passes out on Billy's couch.

Leslie Ann, Billy Lipps & The Guys Behind Me's biggest groupie, then reveals she never slept with the band, and the only one she slept with was Clizby. She then reveals that Clizby is the father of her son. 

The Butler Did It ScenarioEdit

In the Butler Did It Scenario, it was Clizby who killed Melissa Lane all those years ago, because he was writing tunes, then the band was stealing them and not giving him any credit, so he killed Lane and pinned it on Lipps. Rip figured it out all the years later, so Clizby killed him, then while disposing of the murder weapon, Smith saw him, so he shot Smith too. Clizby is then arrested by Lassiter and Juliet.


The concept of giving the butler an outrageous name is not entirely a novelty - among several examples is Jamessir Bensonmum, Alec Guinness' blind majordomo in "Murder by Death" (1976), an all-star collection of film and television's greatest 20th century detectives. Similarly, Tim Curry's butler in "Clue" was frequently abused or misnamed by the guests.