Chris Henze
Chris Henze
Occupation: Producer
Years Active: 2006-present
Chris Henze is an executive producer for Psych and co-founder of Thruline Entertainment and Tagline Pictures. Henze was raised in San Diego, California. Henze studied liberal arts and television & film at University of California, Irvine. He began his career at William Morris Agency in the motion picture library and the talent departments, before moving into the management/production business.

Henze, with friends J.B. Roberts and Ron West, formed Beverly Hills management firm Thruline Entertainment in 2002.  The following year, Tagline Pictures was created to serve Thruline's production and development interests.  In 2006 Tagline began handling Psych's production.  Henze is also featured on many of Psych's audio commentaries on their DVDs.

Henze is currently married with two children in Los Angeles, California.

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