Brittany Wilcox
Juvenile con-artist
Christmas Joy 62
Gender: Female
Age: Eight
Actress: Cassandra Sawtell
Family: Carl Wilcox (father)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Christmas Joy
Last appearance: Christmas Joy

Brittany Wilcox is the very self-possessed eight-year-old daughter of a con-man. She is portrayed by Cassandra Sawtell.


Christmas JoyEdit

In "Christmas Joy", Brittany walks into the Psych office looking for 'Mr. Psych', and proceeds, with tears, to engage the services of Shawn and Gus to get Santa out of jail ahead of Christmas. Santa, it turns out, is actually called Carl, and Shawn quickly ascertains his injuries are purely defensive, and he had no active role in the assault with which he might have been charged. The boys do a quick happy dance in celebration of their good work, and speed Santa on his way.

Their cute client, however, neglected to put them fully in the picture, since Carl is Brittany's father, and her main motive for springing him seems to be a job she can't pull off without him - in other words, a con. Brittany herself, as Shawn discovers when she hugs him after he helps save Carl's life, is an accomplished pickpocket among her other talents, but as the single-parent family heads for the hills, there is cause to hope her talents might be better directed in the future. We at least never hear of her getting into further trouble.