Bernie Bethel
Bernie Bethel
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Brad Dourif
Family: Daniel Bethel (brother)
Significant other(s): Sheila Hanson (girlfriend)
Hair color: Grey
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Shawn, Interrupted
Last appearance: Shawn, Interrupted
Bernie Bethel is a millionaire portrayed by Brad Dourif.


Shawn, InterruptedEdit

In "Shawn, Interrupted", Bernie is Lassiter latest collar, and one of his greatest. Lassie has gone as far as to throw a party for himself to celebrate his success, and even invited other people over to watch his TV interview, breaking down how he caught this murderer. Sadly, however, the party is pooped when Bethel is found not guilty by reason of insanity, and committed instead to a very high-end psychiatric institution. Shawn, with his father's blessing for once, is going undercover inside the asylum, to root out the evidence that Bethel is faking, thus allowing him to be retried and sentenced 'properly' (in Lassie's opinion). Shawn finds life on the inside not what he expected, particularly with regard to his subject, as Bernie fear of mirrors and saxophones isn't what it seems, and his insanity is not purely for public consumption. When he finally surfaces from the depths of his own labyrinthine mind, Bernie tells Shawn of his own arthritic condition, which would have precluded him strangling anyone in the way the girl at the center of the case was killed. As Shawn uncovers evidence that Bernie was being dosed in such a manner as to make him appear insane, he himself gets into grave trouble, since Dr. Eliot is murdered, and no one else on the staff knows or believes that Shawn is there undercover, taking the announcement as a sign of his delusional state. When Shawn struggles free to confront Nurse McElroy, who was the one dosing Bernie, he runs afoul of her employer, Bernie's brother, Daniel, who orchestrated the whole thing to get his hands on his brother's fortune. Bernie's 'Saxophobia', however, proves to be real, and with the distraction Shawn is able to cause using this, Lassie and Juliet turn up just in time to arrest the real murderer. Bernie finds the environs of the clinic comforting, and decides to spend more time there, working to deal with the issues he does, in fact, have.