Army Johnson
Retired Firefighter, Former Arson Inspector
Army Johnson
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Actor: Richard Riehle
Family: Unknown
Hair color: White, balding
Eye color: Blue
Status: Alive
First appearance: Earth, Wind, and... Wait for It
Last appearance: Earth, Wind, and... Wait for It
Army Johnson was an arson inspector who set fire to many buildings to cover up the bodies that he had stashed there. He murdered the men originally because they had deliberately started fires in which his fellow firefighters were killed. He is portrayed by Richard Riehle.

Character BioEdit

Earth, Wind, and... Wait for ItEdit

In "Earth, Wind, and... Wait for It", Army Johnson is investigating fires which one of his agents, Morgan Conrad, says is arson, but he doesn't believe so. In the walls, bodies are found that have been dead for ten years. The bodies found were arsonists who had accidentally killed two firefighters ten years ago. The prime suspect at first is the fire chief, who was part of the crew that lost members, however he is killed while trying to put out a fire, Shawn and Gus have to focus on others.

Finally, they discover that it was Johnson's partners who had been killed, and they run to confront him. He was setting another building on fire, as the stored the bodies in the walls of the buildings, but since the buildings were built in 1998, and all buildings built in 1998 were deemed unsafe for earthquakes, he had to burn them to get rid of the evidence. Conrad is on the floor, and Johnson is preparing to set the place on fire, but Shawn tries to convince him not to do it. Johnson, disgusted with himself, sets himself on fire, but Gus tackles him with a blanket and saves him while Shawn saves Conrad. He is then carried out of the building by Gus.